Saturday, November 30, 2013

Quick CVS stop

So I went into my local CVS only for body wash, and came out with this...........

Oops, I couldn't help myself! Whenever I see these amazing deals I just cannot pass them up. A lot of their makeup was 50%-75% off. I SUGGEST YOU GO TO YOUR NEAREST CVS RIGHT NOW!!!! I am a sucker for nail polish lately and I really liked these colors so I snatched them up. I also got the Sally Hansen Sallon effects, I don't usually buy these only when they are on sale. I picked up a loreal eye shadow as well as some lashes. 

Sally Hansen grey/metalic (gone grey), Hot pink (crazy for chic), Navy (after hours), Gold-ish (charmed, I'm sure).

So don't wait any longer, go get yourself some goodies at CVS! 

I just went today (11/30/13) and I'm sure the sale will be going on for a few days.

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