Monday, December 2, 2013

Favorite face products

Makeup forever HD primer this primer is just magic in a bottle. This primer makes my foundation last ALL day without any creasing. It comes out in a lotion form and smells really good! You need a very small amount to get the job done. The shade number I use is 0. Make sure you put this over your moisturizer so that your skin does not become dry.

Estee Lauder double wear foundation this foundation is wonderful and it does come in many different color choice, and also includes SPF 10. It is definitely a high coverage foundation and lasts all day, especially when paired with the Makeup Forever HD primer. 

Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray this is my favorite setting spray and I have repurchased it many times. It prevents my makeup form sliding down my face and disappearing throughout the day! I definitely notice a difference in how long my makeup lasts when I use this setting spray. 

Jergens natural glow face self tanner this is my favorite face self tanner, the shade that I get is medium to tan. I like using this product in the winter when I need a little bit of color on my face. What I love about this product is that it does not fade in patches, it fades very evenly you don't even notice it. It has a very slight scent, but its definitely bearable. Also it does not stay your sheets so you can put it on before you go to bed and wake up in the morning with a nice glow! 

Bobbi Brown corrector this corrector is my all time favorite, the shade I get it in is bisque (salmony/pink). I use this under my eyes before I put on my concealer, and I definitely notice a difference when I use this product. It helps diminish the dark circles and bags under my eyes. 

Maybelline fit me concealer this concealer is just amazing! It is so thick, but not thick to the point where it is noticeable. Sometimes I just wear this and no foundation, I'll cover up any breakouts, red spots, and any skin discoloration and I'm good to go! 

Clinique liquid facial soap this face wash is very nice and is one of my all time favorites. I use this every day, in the morning and night. I noticed a major difference when I started using this product and I have been using it for several years now. I love how you need just a little bit and it lathers up so nicely! 

Clinique dramatically different moisturizer this moisturizer is just out of this world, I have been using this one for years and I don't think I will ever use something else. The one I use is in the gel form and is meant for oily skin. I also like to bring this moisturizer down my neck when I use it on my face, make sure you do that as well...aging is very noticeable on your neck so keep it moisturized!

Clinique clarifying lotion this is a very good toner and again, I have used this product for many years as well. I like to use this right after I use the liquid facial soap. Whenever I use it, it always removes more makeup that my makeup remover did not get. 

Cetaphil daily facial cleanser  this cleanser is just a zit miracle! I use this every single day and I have noticed a very big difference with maintaining breakouts. Also I use the normal to oily combination.

The body shop tea tree mask I love this face mask! I use this once a week, especially when I have breakouts I put this on and it's just pure magic! It has a minty smell to it and whenever you put it on you feel this tingling sensation. Also it is green so whenever I wear it I feel like the Hulk ahaha! Needless to say I would highly recommend this mask!

I swear by all these products that I have mentioned and I have used them for years and I will continue to use them! I hope you guys go out and give some of these products a try. 

What are some of your favorite face products?  


  1. Love this post. I've been curious about face primer and setting spray. I don't use either but wonder how I would like them. I might have to try out some of your recommendations! thanks!

    1. Primers and setting spray has made a huge different in my makeup! You should add it to your makeup routine and see the wonders it does =)

  2. I love the MakeupForever products! I have rosacea, so I use the green primer, and you'd never be able to tell! And cetaphil really works well for me too. It's not perfect, but I have noticed an improvement from when I used spectro gel. That tree mask looks nice, but I'm always afraid to try new products with my sensitive skin. Maybe I'll give it a go!

    <3 Katherine

    1. Yes, MakeupForever products are truly amazing! I have sensitive skin as well and the tree mask works great with my skin, you should give it a try!


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