Saturday, November 30, 2013

Quick CVS stop

So I went into my local CVS only for body wash, and came out with this...........

Oops, I couldn't help myself! Whenever I see these amazing deals I just cannot pass them up. A lot of their makeup was 50%-75% off. I SUGGEST YOU GO TO YOUR NEAREST CVS RIGHT NOW!!!! I am a sucker for nail polish lately and I really liked these colors so I snatched them up. I also got the Sally Hansen Sallon effects, I don't usually buy these only when they are on sale. I picked up a loreal eye shadow as well as some lashes. 

Sally Hansen grey/metalic (gone grey), Hot pink (crazy for chic), Navy (after hours), Gold-ish (charmed, I'm sure).

So don't wait any longer, go get yourself some goodies at CVS! 

I just went today (11/30/13) and I'm sure the sale will be going on for a few days.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

It's that time of the year again, to spend with family and remember what we are thankful for. This year I am  thankful for my health, I have been through a lot health-wise and I am happy to say that it is finally turning for the better. Everyone always has moments where life gets tough, but don't give up and stay strong is what I always tell myself! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and make many happy memories this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

All I Want For Christmas....

                             Clarisonic, Lorac Unzipped Palette, butter london nail polish setScarf, Bobbi Brown book,
                                                                    Real Techniques brush set

Can you believe Christmas is almost here, AGAIN?!! I am supper excited though, my boyfriend and I are putting up our Christmas tree this Friday, and I cannot wait. There is just something about lighting the Christmas  lights, sipping on hot chocolate with marshmallows, cuddling up under a nice warm blanket, and watching Christmas movies. So I decided to put together a little Christmas list, I hope you enjoy!

1. Clarisonic- $169  Who doesn't want a Clarisonic for Christmas, everyone wants nice skin....right?!Yes it is a bit pricey, but I think this product is well worth it. I have heard so many good things about this and that it really does exfoliate your skin extremely well.

2. Lorac unzipped palette- $40 This is an amazing palette, I love the neutral rosy shades. I also like that it comes with both matte and shimmery colors. You can do so many different looks with this palette and it's only $40 and you get 10 shades. I hope I'll be seeing this palette under my tree on Christmas morning =)

3. butter London nail polish set- $39 Every girl likes nail polish, and this set comes with such nice colors! There are some classic colors and than you have your fun colors, along with a glitter polish. 

4. Nordstrom scarf- $29 I just thought this scarf was so cute and different! You can wear it with so many different looks and it will definitely spice up your outfit. 

5. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual book- $11.85 Books are always a nice way to go. This one would be very good for someone who is just stating out with makeup. It pretty much covers everything you need to know, so useful! 

6. Real Techniques makeup brush set- $17.99 These makeup brushes are truly amazing! The quality is really good and you get 4 brushes for a very affordable price. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this list and that it gave you some ideas! What is your favorite part about your holidays? 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My makeup organization

So I decided to clean my makeup desk, cause it was looking like a hot mess. As I began organizing and taking everything out I decided to make a blog post out of it! My makeup vanity is actually a desk from Ikea (model name MICKE) but it works perfectly for me, it fits very nicely in the corner of the room and it does come with one drawer. I also use acrylic storage, I highly recommend Muji they have sooo many different acrylic cases to choose from. 

 So before I re-arranged everything in the acrylic holder I had my nail polishes kind of just thrown in there and some makeup products to the right. I decided to put all the nail polish in the drawer and put out my most used makeup on a daily basis. I like it like this much better so this way I don't have to fish around through containers looking for this stuff, now it's all right in front of my face (and it looks much neater)! 

Now the drawer below holds all my nail polishes and the rest of my makeup that I do not reach for on a daily basis. I actually use Tupperware (on the right) to hold mostly eye shadows and some face products  and the pink container is actually a pencil holder that I just cracked in half ha ha ha, hey you gotta make it work!

I have 3 of these jars and some of them actually were candles and when the candle burned out I turned it a brush holder! If you don't have any candles you can always go to a craft store or even the dollar store and you will definitely find something there that you can use. Inside I put little rock that I got at Michaels.

What do you guys use for your makeup storage?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Drugstore makeup starter kit

I remember when I first started buying makeup from the drugstore, I did not know where to start! There were so many things, I wanted every single item (don't we all?!). So I put together almost like a shopping list of things I would HIGHLY recommend for my fellow makeup lovers who are just starting out with their makeup collection. I owe all of these products and have repurchased all of these things mentioned. 

1. Walking on egg shells by Wet n Wild is an amazing palette and it is only $2.99! I could not believe how amazing the pigmentation is for this product. It is not chalky, very blend-able and lasts all day. This palette gives you such a nice settle smokey eye. I would also recommend the Silent treatment palette, also a very nice product and has a bit more shimmer than the Walking on egg shells palette. I have seen Wet n Wild products at Walgreens, CVS, and Jewel. 

2. Revlon ColorStay foundation is my all time favorite drugstore foundation. What I love about this product is that it comes for combination/oily skin as well as normal/dry skin and they have SO much color options. It has very good coverage, covers all of my blemishes and hyper pigmentation that I have and it lasts pretty much all day for me. I buy mine at Target for only $9.99! 

3. Loreal true match super blendable powder yes it is a powder but I actually use this as my bronzer! The color that I use is nut brown, the reason why I use powder is because it is supper blend-able. Especially if you are just starting out with bronzer you want something that is easy to use and if you do mess up you can easily just blend blend blend! 

4. Maybelline Falsies mascara I don't even know how many times I have re-purchased this mascara, many, many times! It is just pure magic in a tube, it gives you so much volume and length. It also comes in water proof and different color options.

5. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is a wonderful lip product, the pigmentation is out of this world! The thing I really love about this product is how long it lasts on your lips, which is incredibly long they stain your lips so it's like the color never goes away! They have a minty smell to them which I like and they come in many different shades.

6. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is my all time favorite powder. I get it in the transparent shade so that it matches my skin tone all year round. I have combination/oily skin and I love how this product gives me a matte finish. 

7. Loreal 16 Hour Infallible Eyeliner this is my favorite eyeliner. I wear contact lenses and I have tried so many different eyeliners from the drugstore and many of them would leave this cloudy blotch on my contact and I couldn't see right. After I tried this eyeliner I was in love, it did not leave that cloudy blotch on my contact lenses. This eyeliner does not smear or smudge, it wears well in the water line as well as if you use it to tight line.

8. e.l.f. Essential Eyelid Primer first of all lets start of with that this product is a $1.00!! This eyelid primer just blew me away, the quality is amazing and my eye shadow lasts all day without any creasing. I would even buy this over the Urban Decay potion primer and save so much money. I have extremely oily eyelids and I had no problems with this primer at all.

9. Covergirl BB Cream I really like this BB cream, I also like that it comes in different shades. It prevents my foundation from settling into all my fine lines. You can wear it on its own, but it is very light coverage kind of like your own skin but a bit better! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this drugstore makeup starter kit, I love every single one of these products that I have mentioned and I know you will too! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Leaves Eye Look

So with the fall season here and all the leaves changing colors I was inspired to do a makeup look similar to all the beautiful leaves I have been seeing. I wanted to use this maybelline quad  that I had and do a very subtle look, nothing dark or crazy! If you like the darker looks just pack on more of the eyeshadow to achieve the look, don't get me wrong I like a dark smokey eye but sometimes I want something a little bit more lighter =)

1. Apply the light shade combined with the yellow shade in the tear duct area.
2. Put the orange on your lid.
3. Brown shade in the crease and in the inner v
4. Bring the brown and orange shade on the lower part of the eye, black eyeliner in the water line.
5. Curl those lashes and put on your favorite mascara!

What are your favorite fall colors?
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