Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring Trend: pastels

I have always loved pastels, and seeing it being incorporated into clothing makes me excited! The colors are just so feminine and warm. They are perfect for spring and summer, now the warmer days just need to come so we can wear these beautiful pieces. It is also fun to bring in pastels into your accessories, if you are wearing a neutral outfit why not add a pop of pastel. Look below on my choices, I had so much fun searching the internet!


How do you guys feel about pastels?


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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sping Trend: metalic nails

 Another spring trend, metallic nails! A very fun and daring trend. I remember when I was younger my sister and I had a silver and gold metallic nail polish and we would wear them all the time, and it looks like the trend is back!  It is definitely different from your day to day nail polish color. There are many ways you can wear this trend if you do not want to go full out. You can just wear it on the tips or just add a fun design. 


What do you guys think of this trend? Will you be rocking metallic nails this spring?


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Friday, February 21, 2014

Naked 3: dark shadow tutorial

I have been playing around with the Naked 3 palette for a good 2 months now, and have been coming up with many different looks. I came up with this look which is darker then my previous look that I did (look 1 can be found here).

*Don't forget to apply an eyeshadow primer before you put on the shadow, so that your eyeshadow lasts all day without any creasing.*

-apply strange on your brow bone as well as your lid. By doing this it will make the shade Buzz pop.

-blend the shaded Nooner into your crease.

-use Darkside to further deepen your crease, but do not bring the shade all the way to the inner corner just the outer corner. 

-take the shade Blackheart and pat it onto your outer lid and blend upward, be careful not to get it into the crease.

 -pat Buzz onto your inner corner.
-line your upper lash line with your favorite black eyeliner, I used a gel liner.
-line your lower lash line with Nooner.
-curl your lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.

 Here is the final look!

I hope you guys enjoyed this look, and have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring Trend: orange lips

Orange lips are definitely in for this spring, I am still not too sure how I feel about it. I do have an orange lip gloss that has been sitting in my makeup drawer for a long time, waiting to be used. I will have to give this look a go and see how I really feel about it. I feel like some skin tones can really pull it off, and others not so much. If I were to wear an orange lip I would definitely have to do a neutral eye look.


What do you guys think? Will you be wearing orange lips this spring?

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Sring Trend: shoe styles

I love to see what kind of shoes will be "in" for the upcoming season, and there are definitely some cute styles coming up for spring! Shoes are such a fun way to spice up any outfit, you can have a solid colored outfit and than add a cute pop of color with your shoes. I used to work at Carson Pirie Scott in the shoe department so I was always able to keep up with the latest shoe trends.... and buy WAY to many shoes! Now I like flipping through magazines and searching online. These are the 3 main styles that I have been seeing for spring. 


I have always been a fan of pointed toe shoes, and I have plenty of them in my closet! You can never go wrong with this style, it definitely spices up a look. It is not the most comfortable shoe to wear, but not too bad if it's flats! You will definitely be seeing me wearing a pointed toe shoe this spring ;)


Mule! I think these are so fun, and a different way to add a punch to your look. I had so much fun looking around on the internet at different mules, there are so many different designs. I have a really nice pair from coach that I got about two years ago that I am very excited to wear this upcoming season. 


Peep-toe booties are nice way to transition from winter boots into spring booties. I am a big fan of boots and it is always fun to incorporate them into the warmer months as well. I particularly like to wear booties with dresses. And of course I have a pair of peep-toe booties sitting around in my closet waiting to be worn!

I highly recommend to check out, they have SO many different shoes!

What is your favorite from these 3 styles?

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love your hair

I am definitely not one who takes care of my hair, but I am finally going to try to change that around! I am known for not getting trims (and not going to the dentist) so I just recently got a trim and it  feels so nice...I forgot what it feels like to have no split ends. So I wanted to share my tips with you guys and hear your recommendations as well! 

I wash my hair every other day, I wish I could go three days but my hair just gets very greasy. I would not recommend washing your hair every day due to the fact that it strips your natural oils. When I shampoo my hair I focus on my scalp and the nape of my neck. I do not shampoo the ends of my hair because it dries it out, I just let run down to the bottom of my hair while I am rinsing it. Also while your shampooing use the pads of your finer tips not your nails. 

After I shampoo I ALWAYS condition my hair, my ends are very dry so this step is very important. I do not condition my roots because if I do my hair will look like a grease ball! I leave it in for about 2 minutes and then rinse. 

I use the erasing balm about 2 times a week, and I absolutely love this balm! It leaves my hair so moisturized, silky, and smooth. I leave it in my hair for the remainder of my shower and rinse it off before I am about to wash my face. 

I change up my shampoo products every once in a while, but at the moment I have been loving the L'Oreal products! 

TIP wash your face last, if you do it before you wash your hair and soap up your body all that product (shampoo, conditioner, body wash) will just sit on your face, so do it last so that you get all that product off of your face!

After I get out of the shower I wrap my hair in a towel and put on all my face products. I do not brush my hair while it is wet, because your hair is at it's weakest when wet and you really can do damage it if you brush it while it is wet. I also let my hair air dry, unless I have no time for it to air dry then I will use a blow dryer (always protect your hair when using heat). 

I use the Josie Maran argan oil only on the tips of my hair. I just run the product trough my ends with my fingers. I love the shine it adds to my hair as well as moisture!

The last thing I do is use my leave in conditioner cream, I noticed when I started to use this product my hair didn't get as frizzy and tangled less. I kind of scrunch the product throughout my hair, I do not put it on my roots because it weighs down my hair too much.   


What products do you use to keep your hair nice and healthy?

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Thursday, February 6, 2014


 I have been missing wearing dresses lately, and since it is so cold in Illinois wearing that is out of the question right now. So I figured I would fix my crave by just throwing on a pair of tights, a jean jacket, and boots will help me fix the problem! Hahaha and I definitely could not stay out too long like that though since it was SOO cold, definitely needed a warm winter jacket to stay warm! So I just roamed around the house in my dress and my cute elephant socks =)

I love these socks that my sister got me for Christmas. Well, I love anything that has to do with elephants, but these were really cute! 

My sister also got me this elephant bracelet last year for Christmas. Lets just say my sister knows what I like ;) 

Scarf: Forever 21
Dress: Urban Outfitters
 Jean Jacket: Gap (similar)(similar)
Tights: Express (here)
Boots: Marshals 
Socks: Gifted 

What do you miss the most during the winter season (if it is cold where you live lol)?

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blue shadow tutorial

So here is my take on blue eyeshadow! Of course there many different ways to wear the color, but this is what I came up with.

Step1: first prime your eyelids. Than sweep a neutral brown to define your crease with a fluffy blending brush. Blend until you are satisfied. 

Step 2- pat your favorite blue shadow all over your eyelid with a shader brush. I used the e.l.f palette, in the color punk funk which was only $1.00!!Make sure all the colors blend together nicely and there are no harsh lines

Step 3- I used the white color form the elf palette to highlight my brow bone. Add mascara and line your water line with a black eyeliner. I also added blue on the lower lash line. 

That's it, just these 3 simple steps!

 I hope you guys liked this simple tutorial and give it a shot!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Blue eyeshadow

So I get a lot of magazines in the mail and under the beauty section all I have been seeing is blue eyeshadow. And you know what, I actually like it ta lot! I really think it looks nice with brown and hazel eyes, it makes your eye color pop. Also, there are so many different ways you can wear it eyeshadow, you don't just have to sweep it over your entire lid. You can just give it a pop of blue right in the center or you can just line your bottom lash line.


There are so many different products you can use to achieve your blue eye look. Of course there is good ole shadow, and there are SOOO many different shades of blue that you can choose from! You don't have to use just a powder shadow, you can also use a cream shadow. Eye liner is another fun way to do it. I have always loved lining my lower lash line with either a blue liner or a shadow.

Keep your eyes pealed for my blue eyeshadow look!!

What do you guys think, would you sport a blue eye look? I'm in for this look! 

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