Tuesday, November 26, 2013

All I Want For Christmas....

                             Clarisonic, Lorac Unzipped Palette, butter london nail polish setScarf, Bobbi Brown book,
                                                                    Real Techniques brush set

Can you believe Christmas is almost here, AGAIN?!! I am supper excited though, my boyfriend and I are putting up our Christmas tree this Friday, and I cannot wait. There is just something about lighting the Christmas  lights, sipping on hot chocolate with marshmallows, cuddling up under a nice warm blanket, and watching Christmas movies. So I decided to put together a little Christmas list, I hope you enjoy!

1. Clarisonic- $169  Who doesn't want a Clarisonic for Christmas, everyone wants nice skin....right?!Yes it is a bit pricey, but I think this product is well worth it. I have heard so many good things about this and that it really does exfoliate your skin extremely well.

2. Lorac unzipped palette- $40 This is an amazing palette, I love the neutral rosy shades. I also like that it comes with both matte and shimmery colors. You can do so many different looks with this palette and it's only $40 and you get 10 shades. I hope I'll be seeing this palette under my tree on Christmas morning =)

3. butter London nail polish set- $39 Every girl likes nail polish, and this set comes with such nice colors! There are some classic colors and than you have your fun colors, along with a glitter polish. 

4. Nordstrom scarf- $29 I just thought this scarf was so cute and different! You can wear it with so many different looks and it will definitely spice up your outfit. 

5. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual book- $11.85 Books are always a nice way to go. This one would be very good for someone who is just stating out with makeup. It pretty much covers everything you need to know, so useful! 

6. Real Techniques makeup brush set- $17.99 These makeup brushes are truly amazing! The quality is really good and you get 4 brushes for a very affordable price. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this list and that it gave you some ideas! What is your favorite part about your holidays? 


  1. We also put up our Christmas tree and decorate our home on Friday--after thanksgiving :) I for one, let my kids decorate the tree---and you wouldn't believe how much they enjoy it ! We always take a pic of the two of them having the most of fun...yes, it takes about 2 hours for them to put everything up, and yes, sometimes things just keep dropping, and yes, they gotta come up with some weird scenario wherein they gotta "run into" the tree, but a look on their faces after they're done, is priceless:)

    1. Aww that is so sweet! You are right, although it may take a long time to finish all the decorating, but in the end it is all worth it. Plus the kids are making memories =)

  2. I want a Clarisonic, too! Love this list. Cute blog :)



  3. Definitely the Bobbi Brown book is on my list of must haves too :-)



  4. oh love all those fun butter nail polishes! such fun colors!

  5. great picks simona! thanks for stopping by my blog :) also, i just wanted to let you know if for some reason you decide to make the apple pie recipe i posted i accidentally had a typo in there -- it is supposed to have 1 1/4 c. shortening in the dough, not 1/4 c. oopsies :)

  6. Clarasonic would make an awesome Christmas present. Love your picks!!

  7. That scarf is very unique! Love it!

  8. What a WONDERFUL post:) your blog is such a great inspiration source

    Check out my new post...a Divine Swedish chocolate recipy:)

    Have a fab weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion

    1. Aww thank you for such a sweet comment Maria =) I will definitely have to check out your recipe!

  9. Look at that Lorac palette - I think I'm in love!


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