Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Leaves Eye Look

So with the fall season here and all the leaves changing colors I was inspired to do a makeup look similar to all the beautiful leaves I have been seeing. I wanted to use this maybelline quad  that I had and do a very subtle look, nothing dark or crazy! If you like the darker looks just pack on more of the eyeshadow to achieve the look, don't get me wrong I like a dark smokey eye but sometimes I want something a little bit more lighter =)

1. Apply the light shade combined with the yellow shade in the tear duct area.
2. Put the orange on your lid.
3. Brown shade in the crease and in the inner v
4. Bring the brown and orange shade on the lower part of the eye, black eyeliner in the water line.
5. Curl those lashes and put on your favorite mascara!

What are your favorite fall colors?

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