Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gift wrapping

With Christmas right around the corner and everyone wrapping presents I thought it would be fun to post some different wrapping ideas! This year I didn't go all out on wrapping, I just used good old wrapping paper (hey, there's nothing wrong with that!).

These are real simple to make, they are actually lunch bags with some added decorations. So all you need is a brown bag, and decorations of your choice such as: buttons, ribbon, twine, decorative paper, floral decoration, the ideas are endless!

Using brown craft paper is another great idea for gift wrap, just some nice ribbon and you are good to go. Also for a nice flare add the initial of the persons first name. 

Simple white wrapping paper, with a cute name tag, and a decoration is a nice and simple look.

This is one of my favorites. Again, using the brown craft paper, but what I like is the burlap with the twine and the pine cones.

Wrap presents using a map with a simple ribbon.

Newspaper is another good idea to use for wrapping paper, just add white hole punched paper and some glitter and you  have yourself a nicely wrapped gift!

Brown craft paper, black ribbon, a cute name tag, with some pine.

 White wrapping paper with writing, or you can even make your own by buying white paper and writing your favorite song or poem. Finish it off with a nice ribbon and a decoration. 

Nice red paper with a design and ribbon with a charm.

I thought this was a clever idea! Just take an old sock or even a sweater and just tie the gift inside of it! Then add a name tag. I would use a red name tag to give it a pop of color. 

This is another one of my favorites. Just using brown craft paper with a black and white photo of you and the person you are giving the gift too. Add some twine or ribbon for a nice touch. 

Simple white paper, black and white ribbon, and a simple name tag is a easy and a nice way to wrap presents. 

As you can see my favorite way to wraps presents is to use brown craft paper. It's my favorite because than you can add sooo many different things to give it a nice look! I got all of these ideas from Pinterest, go check out my Pinterest page for more ideas!

What is you favorite way to wrap Christmas presents?


  1. Every one of these is gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration. I'd better finish all of my Christmas shopping if I'm going to have time to make all my gifts look this amazing. If anyone is stuck on their Christmas shopping or want an idea for an inexpensive stocking stuffer, check out Dorco's holiday bundle packs. We're a shaving company and our razors cost 30-70% less than leading brands. See our prices for yourself and read what others have to say about our products at Thank you again for this beautiful post and Happy Holidays!

  2. Beautiful Christmas pics!!!!

  3. oh man i wish my gifts were wrapped like this!
    love it

    1. I bet you can do it! The hard part (well somewhat hard) is getting the supplies!

  4. I like them all, especially the one with the all sock, it is very original!! Great ideas!

    1. I thought that was unique too, a fun a different way to wrap your presents!

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  6. Oh my gosh!! I love that white paper wrapping! Wish I would have looked at this before Christmas haha! Hope you had an amazing Holiday!!!
    Kat |

  7. I love the brown paper and ribbon look... simple and elegant!

    Thanks for the wrapping inspiration :)


    Buffalo Britty

    1. I love wrapping presents in brown paper and then adding a decorative piece to give it some flavor!


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